do everything while there’s sun! (day 2)

Sunny day number two (in a row! Novel…) brought a trip up Signal Hill. There are two ways to get to the top:

1) Take the road, either by car, foot, or bike, past the Geocentre.

2) Take the Battery walk, a trail that weaves through colourful houses built into the rock face, boardwalks with nothing but a wooden railing between you and the crashing surf, stone stairs, and occassional high winds that may make you feel like you shouldn’t be walking in this weather. But really, there is no other weather, so you just keep walking.

We did both during our week in St. John’s, the road on a foggy day, the Battery on a sunny day (or, at least sunny when we started out). Almost at the top there is a lovely viewing area, and even on the somwhat foggy day, we got shots like this:



I had never done the Battery walk though, so we took the next opportunity and set off. IMG_0530

Iceberg season is in the spring, so although we didn’t see any in September, Rachel has spotted them on the way up Signal Hill, along with birds, boats, and awesome views of the harbour and the city (if one remembers to turn around and look!). We took a leisurely pace, and probably spent almost two hours on the trail and the rocks leading up the hill, taking in all the scenery, and chatting with the other walkers. On a sunny day, photographers and outdoors-people alike will delight in the views and fresh ocean air. And if, like Rachel, you aren’t big on boats or their tours, walking the Battery is almost as good for spotting the sights – icebergs, birds, and if you’re lucky, a whale.





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