summer staycation {a quick read}

No money does not (and should not) equal no adventures.

Although we do not have a car when we are at home in Newfoundland, the joy of being back in Nova Scotia is the ability to drive off and check out our beautiful province, at our convenience! We took a mid-week roadtrip/staycation to Hall’s Harbour for fresh lobster and seafood, watched the sunset, and then drove through the North Mountain to the Lookoff, one of the best viewing spots in the Annapolis Valley (in my opinion).

A splurge on fresh lobster (1 to share!) plucked from the water and steamed to order


For a first-hand look at these ocean views, take the 359 from Kentville through Aldershot and Centreville.


The houses and businesses will quickly turn into farmland, and from there follow the signs to Hall’s Harbour.


We took a tour of the coast through Baxter’s Harbour, eventually circling back around to the Lookoff. If you get there before 6pm (unlike we did) you can get yourself a giant cone of Farmers’ ice cream, making the drive out there worth it for young children… and not so young adults.


We missed the ice cream, but did get these views of our Valley home.



What is your favourite staycation destination?


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