a tale of three lakes {a quick read}

Lake George, Lake Paul, Aylesford Lake.

We’ve spent a good part of our lives in Nova Scotia, Rachel more than I, and we like to think we know the place fairly well. We’re wrong.

Not looking to drive too far on an afternoon, we checked the map for destinations in the Annapolis Valley that wouldn’t be more than an hour or so away. We came across three lakes – Paul, George, and Aylesford.

Lake George

We discovered three very different setups. Lake Paul is situated (from what we could discern) by a large collection of cottages, and the beachfront that we could see was quite small, and clearly occupied by the cottage-owners and their very large dogs. We didn’t even get out of the car.

Lake George has a proper sandy beach, and a larger section of grass on which to sunbathe, play frisbee, or have a picnic. It was super crowded though when we got there, many small children and dogs running amok, and most people looked as though they had been there all day. It was a small space for so many bodies, and although the water looked nice, the sound of many motorboats was a deterrent. Lake George is connected to a park, for camping and picnics, and for children it looked like it would be great fun.

Back on the road we went. Aylesford Lake is the better known of the three, and offers a public beach, a small canteen, covered picnic tables, bathroom facilities, a boardwalk, and lifeguards. P1070562

Like Lake George, it has a large grassy area for sunbathing, and sandy space for castle-building and playing. We spent the afternoon sunbathing and people-watching, only interrupted by the excitement of a search-and-rescue helicopter practice drill. The bright yellow helicopter flew three times low over the lake, and then dropped two guys in, only to pull them up moments later. All of the children (and most of the adults) were entranced, and even got a wave from the pilot. The ducks at Aylesford are also a big hit, for children… and dads.

There he goes!


We finished our day with dinner at Jonny’s Restaurant, a Newfoundland-style eatery in Berwick.


Although the restaurant was absolutely packed, the take out window was very popular, and we got our burgers to go, eating them in the designated picnic area, and enjoyed the warm evening. I highly recommend the make-your-own fishburger, and of course, a milkshake!


P1070568Feel like checking out these swimming spots for yourself?

Here’s a map of our route!



One thought on “a tale of three lakes {a quick read}

  1. dianashelley

    Hilarious Rachel! You describe it so well and well done for staying for a while at Aylesford L. I am an ocean person myself and in all my 47 years here have never really warmed to the lake beaches – especially the kind you are describing! The only possible advantage I see is that the water is always warmer and sometimes the sunbathing is warmer too. Thanks for this lovely ongoing commentary and for allowing me to be part of your family last evening.


    Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 20:52:18 +0000 To: dianashelley@hotmail.com


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