burntcoat head park – who knew that was there! {a quick read}

Burntcoat Head was one of those places we were always hearing about, but didn’t really register as a ‘thing to see.’ Turns out, it should have, and it’s so close to home!


We took the 215 past Cheverie to Burntcoat, and then to the Burntcoat Head Park, about an hour drive:


The park features a picnic area, interpretive centre, lighthouse, gift shop, and is home to the highest recorded tides in the world.


Although we didn’t find any (and, confession: we didn’t really look!) there are fossils to be hunted, and the rocks are prime for exploring.


Watch out for the mud and seaweed though; even without shoes on, we slipped and slid on the rocks. We managed to walk all around the big rock in the middle, though we did skip the caves on the far side.


The tide pools were full of crabs and snails, and we know there are many walking trails through the trees, if the mud doesn’t suit. When we were there, a large group of international tourists came through, very excited by all the mud! P1070730

Although there is a tap near the lighthouse, feet are almost guaranteed to be muddy getting back in the car – our roll of paper towel was much-needed by our departure.



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