berry picking on the rock

With five days of rain in the forecast, we got out of the apartment today for a couple of hours of berry picking.

Newfoundland is an inhospitable place to live, work, and try to grow (as a plant, I mean, though I’m not sure how children do it either). But, the rocky terrain and generally wet climate make wild blueberries very happy. Within a fifteen minute walk from our house, are five picking spots (that we know of), so we headed out to the rocks, hills and bush to find some. IMG_2459-001

Wild, low-bush blueberries are harder to pick than the high-bush kind we know at home in Nova Scotia, but they were plentiful, and we collected a couple of yogurt containers-full this afternoon. We were in competition with six or seven other pickers. Next time, we’ll try another spot in the hopes of finding more berries, and fewer people to battle for them!







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