no time to blog… here’s a video!

So September for most people means, if not school starting, then a bit of a schedule shift. For us, it means both – classes, jobs, back to St. John’s we go. Change of scenery, schedule, and serious lack of free time which all evens out to mean there’s not a whole lot of writing and blogging going on.

No matter. Since we’re back in Newfoundland, we’ve got an east coast video for you.

Universities all across the country are paying attention to mental health issues as term starts up again, and all the little 17- and 18-year-old students fly away from home for the first time and live communally, and yet often very alone, in residence and in new cities. This video was created by beloved Newfoundland musician Amelia Curran, and various other, equally beloved, Newfoundland performers, musicians, actors, and community members. Not only is it a grand project, but also captured some of the three sunny days we’ve had here (ha… ha).

We’re going back to studying, but here, watch this!


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