jacob’s ladder and a witch’s cauldron

Oh Truro. Not exactly what we’d call a thriving metropolis here in Nova Scotia, nor a place that ever made it onto my bucket list. We stopped in Truro for on our way out of the province as we headed for New Brunswick, and although our lunch at Smitty’s was surprisingly good, we were even more (pleasantly) surprised when we decided to check out Victoria Park, Truro’s major attraction.


In the interests of full disclosure, we did not have a straightforward time finding the park. Even though it is 1000 acres of nature in the middle of a not very big town, we were clearly circling it for longer than should have been necessary. We actually heard the park before we saw it. When we finally located the (duh, easy to find) park, a rock band was playing for an average size crowd, apparently a Sunday afternoon thing in the summer. Even though it looked like rain, the pool was full of small children, and the parking lot so packed that, unlike most parks we go to, you really oughtn’t change in your car.


Knowing we were unlikely to cover all 1000 acres in one afternoon, we headed for Jacob’s Ladder, one of the key attractions, and aimed to see a number of waterfalls on the way.


The 175-step staircase takes visitors up a cliff-face, to a viewing platform, and back down past a waterfall and natural swimming hole. Yes, we lost our depth perception on the stairs. No, we did not fall off.


Cyclists were taking full advantage of the many paved roadways, and boardwalks were also available for pedestrians. The park also offers a canteen, playground, picnic area, and covered pavilion, perfect for birthday parties. For those who are still feeling like it’s Halloween, don’t miss the Witch’s Cauldron, a small waterway which, with a name like that, needs no description.


Next time you’re heading to somewhere else, stop in Truro for lunch and think you should just keep driving, take a walk through Victoria Park, and let us know what you think!


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