a new year, a new plan

I hate meal planning. I like the meals being planned, and we love knowing what we’re eating without worrying about it the day of. And because we only shop on Tuesdays (it’s 10% off for students day!) we really do need a plan. But I hate doing it.

So for the new year, the non-plan is to work our way through Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian”, the ‘vegetarian bible’ as it’s known around here. I’ve heard it contains over 2000 recipes, everything from how to fry an egg, to how to make your own cheese. So this year, we’re going to try them all. Because there are so many variations, cooking one of them will count as having tried the recipe. Even though I’ve owned this book for at least five years, I still only use the same ten go-to recipes over and over. This year is a chance to try all those interesting, slightly frightening dishes, to figure out how to make even more delicious veg food, and to discover just how hard you have to look to find vegetables in January in Newfoundland. Yes, it will require some meal planning, but at least the options will come from the book. One year, thousands of recipes, and hopefully some converts to vegetarian (or at least flexitarian) cooking.


So, feel free to follow along this overly-ambitious excursion into the big green book, and join us on instagram (@andthenimetrachel) as we broadcast our daily forays into the kitchen. It might not be pretty, but at least we won’t be hungry. See you in the new year!



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