the list

Rachel and I, separately, have more lists than we can count. Mainly, they are lists of places we want to go and things we want to see. But because we only met last year, and because we don’t have that much spare time, we never got around to consolidating our lists, and creating one big bucket list, as people like to do. Also, we aren’t particularly morbid, and Rachel says bucket lists, in the classic sense, are for people fixated on their deaths and the time they have left. She hates that. Instead, we have a list of things that we have done, mostly together, which creates kind of a reverse bucket list – things we probably would have put on the bucket list, if we had one, and things that we could never have imagined doing in the first place. The list will be constantly growing and changing, so check back often for what’s new!

The Upside-Down-And-Backwards Bucket List:                                                   


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